194B. Gun Shot Wound (GSW) to Right Buttock

Shaver, Leroy J., Pfc. 36450540 Age 20 ‘L’ Co 143rd Inf.
Injured 1610 hrs. 10-3-44 G.S.W.
3rd Bn Aid Sta 1640 hrs. M.S. gr 1/4 Sulfa dressings.
Coll. Co C 10-3-44 M.S. gr 1/4 I.V.  
Clr. Sta 1745 hrs. T.T. 1 cc  
11th Field Hosp. 1800 hrs.    

Gen’l condition on admission poor. B.P. 80/60 P. 130 Abdomen rigid and tender. Pain complaint of patient.

Diagnosis: G.S.W. pen buttock rt. sv.

Preop Rx: 1000 cc blood. Levin’s tube. Catheterized--10 cc bloody urine. Rectal exam neg. for blood.

1945 hrs. B.P. 144/88 P. 104 Anesth began
2015 hrs. B.P. 68/30 P. 80 Pt. turned on left side. Surgery began.
2025 hrs. B.P. 90/40 P.  
2040 hrs. B.P. 120/60 P. 96 500 cc blood.
2055 hrs. B.P. 128/50 P. 120  
2120 hrs. B.P. 134/50 P. 100  
2140 hrs. B.P. 122/50 P. 114  
2210 hrs. B.P. 116/48 P. 116  
2220 hrs. B.P. 94/50 P. 116 Surgery completed.

Wd. of rt buttock debrided. Plain mesh gauze dressings. Expl. lap. thru low mid line. Considerable free blood, clots, and small bowel contents. There was already present much peritoneal reaction. Ileum transected four times with damage to mesentery. Resection of 14 inches of ileum--end to end anastomosis. Closure of peritoneal perforation of bladder (silk & catgut.) Wd. of entrance of missile into peritoneal cavity found on right lateral wall deep in cul de sac. Closed with chromic catgut. Sigmoid neg. Bladder opened. Perforation closed on peritoneal surface now closed on mucosal surface with catgut. 2nd perforation of bladder found on left lateral wall. Closed with two rows of chromic catgut. Perivisceral space on left side opened by blunt dissection. Tract of missile followed. Fracture in left pubis felt. This space drained with penrose drain. Bladder closed around straight catheter. T. & T. retention sutures. Abdomen closed in layers. 10 gms sulfanilamide into peritoneal cavity.

10-5-44 500 cc blood. Urine output for 32 hrs. 1200 cc. Gen’l condition fair.
10-9-44 Massive atelectasis left lower lobe (98.6--88--24 Not sick) Bronchoscopic by Maj. Brewer. Striking results!


Dear Capt. Kennedy---

Three days ago I finally got out of the hospital and now I find myself in a replacement center waiting for reassignment. They reclassified me at the hospital and put me in L.A.

After I left your field hospital over there in France, I flew back here to sunny ? ? Italy and landed in the 45th General. I got along O.K. but I had one back set—which left me in bed much longer than I had plan. All to-gether I lay in bed for about 80 days. I started to think I wasn’t going to get up! But now I am O.K.—not troubled by my stomach very much.

How is everything with you over there in France, Doc? O.K. I hope! It must be cold there now. Here it isn’t very cold but it rains all the time.

The way things look, we might be back in the good ole USA this year (I hope). I bet dear PA. would look good to you. I know Michigan would look “dam” good to me. Take it easy—and once again thanks a lot for everything!! (Drop me a line)—

LeRoy Shaver

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