273. Thoraco-Abdominal Shell Fragment Wound (SFW)

Pfalsburg B Platoon 57th Field Hospital

Wieke, Karl, Pfc. 37345621 Age 22 276th Inf 45th Div.
Injured 1000 hrs. 7 Jan 45 S.F.W.
1508H 1st Bn Aid Sta 1100 hrs.   Sulf dressing and 8 sulf tab
391 Med Coll Co 1200 hrs.   1 cc T.A.T. (?)
Clr Co 120th Med Bn 1300 hrs.   1 cc T.T.
57th Field Hosp 1330 hrs.    

Gen’l condition on admission good. B.P. 118/60 P. 95 R. 20. Pen wd of left thorax at 9th rib. Abd tender left upper quadrant. + rigidity. Urine clear.

Diagnosis: S.F.W. pen thoraco-abdominal left.

Preop Rx: B.P. 118/60 at 1400 hrs. 500 cc plasma


1550 hrs. B.P. 145/60 P. 90  
1615 hrs. B.P. 130/70 P. 96 Endotracheal E & O2
1710 hrs. B.P. 110/60 P. 80 Operation began
1730 hrs. B.P. 120/70 P. 70  
1800 hrs. B.P. 118/70 P. 84  
1805 hrs. B.P. 114/68 P. 80 End of operation

Wd of entrance in posterior axillary line at 9th rib debrided. Wd sucked. Wd lengthened and diaphragm inspected. Incomplete laceration of diaphragm found. Diaphragm incised and underlying spleen inspected--neg. Diaphragm closed with cotton. F.B. found free in pleural cavity--removed. Perf. wd of left lower lobe. Intercostal tube inserted. Chest wall closed in layers with interrupted cotton.

Jan 10 Intercostal tube removed. Chest aspirated. 500 cc recovered. Hematocrit 47. Chest Xray looks good.
Jan 11 Xray shows lung fields on left to be clear.
Jan 14 Evacuated. Condition good. (See letter)

Pfc. Karl Weike
Co. A., 276th Inf.

Paul A Kennedy
Capt., M.C.

Dear Sir,

You requested a letter with information about any further developments of my case for your records. The stitches were taken out the 19th and I immediately started walking around. But I wasn’t careful enough and caught pneumonia. Sulfa drugs soon took care of that, however, and I shipped to the U.K. On arriving I had a terribly sore left leg. Turned out to be some inflammation of the veins. I walk okay now but I’m slated for the Z.I. Just waiting for the ship. Rumor has it that the ship is at dock now so it won’t be long.

I would like you to know, sir, and your partner, that I’m truly appreciative of what you’ve done for me. Most of us that come into your hospital aren’t in much shape to go around expressing our gratitude. I’ve thought of it much since then, however.

I’ll toast my first beer to you back in the States and, who knows, maybe bring you some business in the C.B.I.

Pfc. Karl Wieke

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